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Make Medicare money, without the hassle. We're Florida Medicare experts.

We pay the maximum allowed by law for Medicare referrals. Those numbers are set by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), which heavily regulates the entire medicare industry.  

Your Referral Payouts:
Medicare Supplements  $150
Medicare Advantage Plans  $100
Prescription Drug Plans  $25

We Take Great Care of Your People

Medicare is full of rules, regulations, enrollment periods, certifications, and oversight. Unless you do medicare on a regular basis, it's extremely difficult to keep up with. In addition, we help clients by matching up healthcare companies, doctor's offices, medications, state medicaid, and other coverage, to make sure each client gets the best service possible.

As a Life/Health Agent, Why Not Offer Medicare Myself?

You certainly could. Most Life/Health agents don't like to dabble in Medicare because of the required certifications and carrier training. On top of that, there are tons of confusing dates and regulations to keep up with, making it not worth the hassle for agents who typically write other lines of business.

How Does the Referral Program Work?

Have your referrals contact us directly, and we'll also give you a unique link where they can securely contact us through the website. Due to stringent CMS regulations, we aren't allowed to contact new clients first by phone or email. They must contact us first. We always ask new clients who referred them, and then we process your referrals fees after we help them.  We also have linking and cookie tracking options, to track your referrals automatically.

How Do I Join the Referral Program?

Call us directly at 813-492-7797. Or fill out this quick form for more information.