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Florida Medicare Advantage Plans

Florida Medicare Part C

We often refer to Medicare Parts A and B as "Original Medicare." Medicare Part C is often called "Medicare Advantage." These are plans administered by private health care companies, and often cover services that Original Medicare Does NOT. Medicare part C plans sometimes also cover prescription drugs as well.


What Does Medicare Part C Cover?

These plans replace Part A and Part B, so they cover both hospital, and primary care. Many plans feature prescription drug benefits, and we call those MAPD Plans.

Medicare Part C Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for Medicare Part C, you must already be enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B.

Florida Medicare Part C Cost

The cost of Medicare Part C will depend on several factors. The companies and plan offerings are different in each county. So, how much does Medicare Part C cost per month? We'll have to look at your specific situation. Some beneficiaries actually get money put back on their social security every month, so some Part C plans will pay you instead. There are also several Florida Medicare Savings Programs.

How To Apply For Medicare Part C

Contact us. We'll be able to tell you what plans are available for you, and we'll also help you apply. This is a free service to help with Florida Medicare Part C.