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Original Medicare Part A

What Does Medicare Part A Cover?

Medicare Part A is hospital insurance. It covers inpatient hospital care, lab testing, surgery, home health care, skilled nursing facilities, and hospice.

Part A has late enrollment penalties if you don't enroll on time.

Medicare Hospital Doctors

Medicare Part A Eligibility

In order to be eligible for Medicare, you must be turning 65, and/or have certain disabilities. If you already receive Social Security when you turn 65, you will automatically start Original Medicare Part A. For disabilities, the entire list can be found on the Social Security website here. You'll qualify for Medicare after receiving Social Security Disability benefits for 24 months. ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) or ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease) will qualify you faster.

How Much is Medicare Part A?

The cost of Medicare Part A can vary. Most people will not need to pay a Part A premium. In order to have Premium-Free Part A, you needed to work 40 quarters where you paid FICA taxes.  

Medicare Part A Deductible 2021

The deductible for year 2021 will be $1,484, if you are admitted to the hospital. That's for the first 60 days. For days 61-90, there will be a coinsurance amount of $371 per day, $742 per day after that.

If used for a skilled nursing facility in 2021, you'll pay a coinsurance of $185.50 per day for days 21-100.

Is There a Part A Late Enrollment Penalty?

Most people won't need to pay anything for Part A. If you don't qualify for $0 premium Part A, and don't start Medicare when you are first eligible, the penalty is 10% of the premium. The 10% penalty will last twice as long as you were eligible and did not sign up. Check this link for all late enrollment penalties.