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Florida Medicare Advantage Plans and Supplements


Turning 65? now is the time for Medicare.

If you're within 3 months of your 65th birthday, you're eligible to sign up for Medicare. Failure to sign up on time can result in significant penalties.  Medicare Part A is hospital insurance. Medicare Part B is medical insurance. Medicare Part D is for prescription drug coverage. Younger people with disabilities and certain medical conditions like end stage renal disease are also eligible. We're licensed by the state of Florida to help you with all options for Medicare.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Plan Options Depend on Your County and Circumstances.

Medicare Advantage Plans are run by private health insurance companies, and are required to cover at least as much as original Medicare. Often called Medicare Part C, new plans start yearly. There are many rules for when you can enroll or change plans. Our experienced agents use complicated software to help you check doctors, prescriptions, and costs, to find a plan that fits your needs. 

Medicare Supplements

also called medigap, you can fill in the coverage That original medicare misses.

To be eligible for a Medicare supplement, you must be entitled to Medicare Part A, and enrolled in Medicare Part B. Florida Medicare Supplement plans have a monthly cost, and are often chosen by beneficiaries that like to travel, use a lot of services, or prefer to know exactly what their costs will be. With this option, you can be seen by any medical professional that accepts Medicare. Medicare supplements do not cover prescription drugs, so they are often paired with a stand-alone prescription drug plan (Medicare Part D).

How to Choose a Plan?

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Our licensed agents will help you compare Medicare plan pricing that will work with your current doctors and medications.

We also help you navigate important dates, and avoid Medicare penalties by getting coverage on time. You may also be eligible for special enrollment periods, and we'll be happy to check for you.

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